Les ombres portées

The Company

Les ombres portées

Created in 2009, Les ombres portées is a theatre company that brings together people with varying backgrounds and expertises : music, set design, construction, drawing, photography...

It creates shadow and object theatre shows, develops stage and scenic design and musical projects, and organises workshops.

The company approaches its work through collective collaboration, giving importance to the time needed to develop projects, as well as the meetings and exchanges with the public.


The company’s works are developed and produced collectively by :
Olivier Cueto, Erol Gülgönen, Séline Gülgönen, Florence Kormann et Claire Van Zande

Varying by project, collaborators include :
Margot Chamberlin (design, puppets), Nicolas Dalban-Moreynas (light), Damien Daufresne (design, puppets), Frédéric Laügt (sound), Marion Lefebvre (design, puppets), Jean Lucas (music), Grégoire Martin (construction), Léo Maurel (sound effect machines), Jérôme Mathieu (light), Thibault Moutin (light), Cyril Ollivier (music), Simon Plane (music), Corentin Vigot (sound)

Distribution and promotion : Christelle Thecat