Les ombres portées


The Show

Premiere on December 2nd & 3rd 2019
in Maison de la Culture de Nevers Agglomération

Shadow theatre and music, suitable for all ages, from 8 years old

At the first light of dawn, the Natchav circus arrives in town. Soon, the first blows of the sledgehammer ring out, and the sound of the immense canvas whipping through the air can be heard as it unfurls along the tent poles being hoisted towards the sky. But the town’s authorities do not hear these sounds with a poetic ear and oppose their arrival... The circus artists resist ; an acrobat is arrested and an entire world finds itself imprisoned.

Natchav, meaning “to go away, to run away” in Rromani, recounts the adventures of a circus that, to remain free, defies every rule, including the law of gravity. As if in a live-action film, four stage technicians and two soundscape musicians take us on a journey behind the scenes of this innovative, multi-faceted shadow theatre experience.


Idea and design : Les ombres portées
Puppets and lights :
4 puppeteers (alternating)
Margot Chamberlin, Olivier Cueto, Erol Gülgönen, Florence Kormann, Marion Lefebvre, Claire Van Zande
Music and sound effects :
2 musicians (alternating)
Séline Gülgönen (clarinets, accordion, percussions), Jean Lucas (trombone, accordion, percussions), Simon Plane (trumpet, accordion, percussions)
Lighting technician : Nicolas Dalban-Moreynas and Thibault Moutin (alternating)
Sound technician : Frédéric Laügt and Corentin Vigot (alternating)
Costumes : Zoé Caugant
Production : Claire Van Zande
Tour manager : Christelle Lechat
Outside eye : Christophe Pagnon
With help from : Baptiste Bouquin (outside hears), Léo Maurel (sound effect machines), Jean-Yves Pénafiel (outside eye)
Also thanks to : Marco Benigno, Antonin Boischot, Jacques Bouault, Stéphane Relevant and Elsa Vanzande


Co-production :
Maison de la Culture de Nevers Agglomération
La Minoterie, Scène convention Art, Enfance, Jeunesse, Dijon
Le Théâtre, scène conventionnée de Laval
Théâtre-Sénart, scène nationale
TJP, CDN Strasbourg - Grand Est

Artist-in-residence programmes and assistance :
Espace Périphérique - Ville de Paris
Festival Momix et le CREA, scène conventionnée Jeune Public d’Alsace, Kingersheim
La Fabrique, Messeugne
La Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée
La Fonderie, Le Mans
La Maison des Enfants du Quercy, Le Bouyssou
Le TANDEM, scène nationale, Arras-Douai
Le Tas de Sable, Amiens
MA scène nationale, Montbéliard
Théâtre La Licorne, Dunkerque

Funding :
Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DRAC Île-de-France - Région Île-de-France

Currently seeking partners (co-producers, fundings, advance booking)

Prototype set
Prototypes puppets
Prototypes puppets