The Team

The team

Les ombres portées is a company with a revolving configuration, in which over a dozen members can be involved in any given project.

The company is currently led by Erol Gülgönen, Séline Gülgönen, Florence Kormann and Claire Van Zande.

Depending on the project, they are joined by:

Zoé Caugant (costumes), Margot Chamberlin (construction, manipulation), Nicolas Dalban-Moreynas (lights), Damien Daufresne (construction, manipulation), Frédéric Laügt (sound, manipulation), Marion Lefebvre (construction, manipulation), Jean Lucas (music), Grégoire Martin (construction), Léo Maurel (sound effects), Jérôme Mathieu (lights), Thibault Moutin (lights), Cyril Ollivier (music), Christophe Pagnon (outside eye, manipulation), Simon Plane (music), Corentin Vigot (sound)

Distribution: Christelle Lechat

Olivier Cueto, a member of the company since 2011, passed away in March 2020. His joyous glow continues to shine down on the company.